Friday, 1 June 2012

NSMNSS - where do we go next?

The NSMNSS launch was largely about blurring the boundaries. The network is trying to build bridges rathern erect new barriers between disciplines and methods, our break out sessions separated people to talk about some key issues for research using social media.

Out of these discussions emerged initial thoughts on contents for our knowledge exchange seminars. We want the network to decide the final content of these events, so join the debate on methodspace in each of the following areas:
We're also open to whether this is the best way to carve up the issues the network should cover. If you have any thoughts on that too, please throw them into the mix as well - it's all up for grabs!

We're in the process of uploading the presentations and videos from the day to our YouTube channel and Methodspace. So keep an eye on those channels and our Twitter account for more info.