Should social science researchers embrace social media and, if we do, what are the implications for our methods and practice? How do social media change our perceptions of ethical practice? Do social media blur the boundaries between qualitative and quantitative research? 

Our network of methodological innovation brings together academics, researchers and research stakeholders to address these and other questions posed by the increasing use of social media and social media data in social science research.

The network is a collaborative project run jointly by NatCen Social Research and SAGE with support from our affiliate network. We facilitate ongoing digital discussions between researchers using social media in their research (whether as the topic of their research, as tools for conducting research or gathering data). At last count we had over 600 members from around the world.  You can get started straight away by following us on Twitter @NSMNSS, contributing to the blog or getting involved in Twitter discussions by using the hashtag #NSMNSS. When funding permits we run face-to-face events and we are always open to suggestions about other activities the network can facilitate so feel free share your ideas with us.

You can purchase our crowd-sourced book of blogs "Social Media in Social Research" here. All proceeds contribute to keeping network activities free of charge. Written by network members the book explores the range of challenges & opportunities that social media present for social science researchers.

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