The Web Team

Meet the team!

Network lead: Curtis Jessop
Curtis is a Senior Researcher at NatCen Social Research.

Blog Editors: Keeva Rooney and 
Franziska Marcheselli 
Keeva and Ziska are Researchers at NatCen Social Research.

Twitter Manager: Wasim Ahmed

Wasim is a PhD candidate at the University of Sheffield

Ivett Ayodele is our student tweeter. She is a student at @SalfordPsych and one of our Book of Blogs authors.

Jenna Condie is our Twitter lead in Australia. She is a Lecturer in eResearch and Online Social Analysis at the University of Western Sydney.

Contributing Experts: Dr Janet Salmons, Kandy Woodfield

Janet serves on the graduate faculty of the Capella University School of Business and Technology in the United States.

Kandy was Director of Learning at NatCen and Natcen's #NSMNSS network lead from 2012-2015, she now works at the Higher Education Academy in July 2015 as Head of Social Sciences.

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