Thursday, 24 May 2012

Have Your Say

When you signed up, we asked you a couple of questions about what you'd like to get from the network and what events you'd like us to organise. This is what you said

What do you hope to gain from the network?

85%: to learn about new research tools

74%: to learn about how new tools could be integrated with traditional methods

71%: networking opportunities with new members

64%: to share best practice

53%: to understand the ethical implications of new tools

In addition to those planned, what activities would you like to see the network co-ordinate?

77%: methods workshops

74%: regular dissemination activities (e.g. regular blog posts summarising learning from the events and online collaborations)

67%: collaborative working using new tools on a real-life research problem

53%: networking events

You also suggested a number of other activities, including: sharing relevant publications and case studies, matching social scientists and computer scientists, training events and international networking events.

We'll be doing a lot of this already - networking opportunities both in person at our events and virtually on our online platform (launching soon), giving opportunities to share best practice and debating ethics.

But is there anything we've missed? Are any of these more important than the others? Let us know over on Methodspace.