Saturday, 14 July 2012

What’s all this about a tweet chat?

New Social Media, New Social Science? is an online and offline community of practice exploring how social media are affecting the way we conduct social research and interact with research participants.

Tweet chats are simply pre-arranged virtual conversations, usually with a facilitator, around a theme and grouped around a single #hashtag. They are a quick and easy way to engage a number of people who share a common interest or challenge.

Our tweet chats are an opportunity for members from different countries to take place in a real-time discussion of the key issues, help frame the agenda for network and share real-life experiences of researching in the digital age. We will be holding a tweet chat the week before each of our face to face events and may host more if the group feels they are a useful medium. Each tweet chat will have a theme for the network to explore and this will help shape the issues covered by the network over the course of the year.

Our first tweetchat will take place 4-5pm (BST) on 17th July 2012. Join us by following #NSMNSS.

Read the next blog for information about how to join the chat.

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