Friday, 10 January 2014

Upcoming Events and Conferences in 2014

14 March, 2014: Market Research Society, Annual Conference. Includes sessions related to social media, and registration is now open.

23-25 April, 2014: British Sociological Association, Conference on ‘Changing Society’ at Leeds University. Registration open- sessions on social media research. 

16 May, 2014: Social Research Association, call for papers for fourth annual all-day Social Media in Social Research conference. Scheduled for Friday, 16 May at the British Library in London.
Submissions to: | Deadline: 10 March 2014  |

30 June, 2014: Mashable’s World Social Media Day

10-11 July, 2014: European Conference on Social Media. Registration to attend is open for this event, hosted in Brighton, UK.

Do you know of any other relevant events, conferences or workshops coming  up? Contact to tell us about them and we will publicise them on this blog.


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