Friday, 28 February 2014

SAGE Research Methods Cases

Over the last 40 years SAGE has become world famous for publishing the highest-quality and most cutting-edge books on research methods.  Yet research methods – the “how” of doing research – is still commonly considered a dry and abstract subject.  SAGE needs your help to change that!  

Launching in May 2014, SAGE Research Methods Cases is an innovative and exciting new collection of hundreds of real-life research projects distilled into accessible, peer-reviewedcase studies.  Our goal is to bring methodological concepts and problems to life in a fully-comprehensive resource. The collection with be published online on the award winning SAGE Research Methods platform.

Get Involved!
We plan to commission cases for SAGE Research Methods Cases on an ongoing basis, so we are still looking for case authors.   Have you undertaken a research project? Can you discuss your methodological choices and challenges in an accessible and engaging way? We are looking for short original cases between 2000 – 5000 words in length that put difficult and abstract methodological concepts into a real research context. 

Do you experiment with new social media research? Would you like to discuss the implications of new up and coming methodologies? Our ambition is to represent the breadth and depth of social science research and encompass the full range of possible methodological approaches!  We welcome authors from across the methodological and disciplinary divides.

Want to know more?
Contact Bronia Flett: for more information on how to submit a case of your own to the collection.
Visit to sign up for a free trial of SAGE Research Methods Cases.


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