Sunday, 13 July 2014

Book of Blogs update - July

The World Cup is almost over and the summer holidays are imminent so we thought it would be helpful to update you all on progress with the Book of Blogs. We now have eleven blogs uploaded to the book, 40 people who’ve committed to writing a blog and lots of wider interest. So to those of you who’ve already written and posted your blogs to the Press Books site thank you. For the rest of you we thought it would be helpful to remind you that the instructions for uploading to the Press Books site can be found  here and general guidance on the book here.

We do need you to sign up formally so if you haven’t already please go to this Google Docs spreadsheet and sign up: We’ll remove your email address immediately.

Our goal is to have 60% of the content uploaded by the end of this month so please do let us know if you’ve written your blog and are ready to upload it now, we’ll send you a login as soon as you’re ready. We are on a tight timetable and if possible would like to avoid all of the blogs arriving in one go at the end of the writing period. As you know the network is run on a voluntary non-funded basis so everyone is contributing their time and resources for free, it’s really wonderful to have so much support.

We’ve had lots of offers to help with the light touch advice and editing we are offering to contributors so thank you for that. It’s not compulsory to have anyone look at your blog before you upload it. Once we have them all uploaded we’ll be ordering the blogs by themes and contacting authors directly if we feel there’s anything that needs slight editing but the aim is keep editorial control light touch.

We’re still looking for suggestions for people to write the foreword and titles for the book, Blurring the Boundaries is a front-runner simply because it’s the subtitle of the network but we’re keen to hear other ideas.

Please do continue to promote the book of blogs to your network we need to keep a buzz going during the writing stage to ensure that we have an audience for it when it launches in Sept. 

You can use the #bookofblogs when tweeting and please do tweet or post about the book and send links to the #NSMNSS blog site for potential contributors to explore.

If you have any questions or want your log in now please contact the team at

Happy writing!

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