Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Missed out? Read the twitter feed from our chat on changing role of researchers in a social media world

See below for the twitter feed from our tweetchat on 9th December 2014 all about the changing role of researchers involved in online and social media research. Scroll to the bottom and work your way up to follow the conversation in the order it occured.

A summary of the 5 questions posed to those taking part is included below:

Q1: How is social media impacting upon you as a researcher? E.g. identity, work/life balance, ethics
Q2: How is social media changing our identities as researchers?
Q3 from : How does insider-outsider position influence your role, identity,access or objectivity?
Q4 from : What does it mean to be ‘virtually ethical’?
Q5: What are the key issues around social media for researchers going forward?
Q6: What topics shall we chat about on in the new year?


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