Wednesday 3 April 2013

NSMNSS One Year On - FINAL conference programme for April 16th 2013

Final Conference Programme

Here is an update conference programme for our 'One Year On' conference, on 16th April.

Spaces still available!

We still have a couple places available so if you are interested in attending please email asap to request an application form to attend the final event. Please return by Tuesday 9th April.

Need a reminder of what it is all about? Read our earlier post announcing the event.

Final Conference programme
Registration, tea and coffee

Keynote: The Economies and Ecologies of Big Data

10.30am- 11.15am
Research findings: Getting the ethics of social media research – learning from NSMNSS project

Janet Salmons, Capella University
Tea and coffee – poster exhibition, digital listening posts and stalls

Research findings: What role is there for social media research in government social policy

Jonathan Breckon and Jason Leavey, Alliance for Useful Evidence
Lunch, poster exhibition, digital listening posts and stalls
Keynote: The economics and ecology of Big Data

 Evelyn Ruppert, Goldsmiths University of London
Workshop sessions

Workshop Stream 1 :  Collecting Quantitative Social Media Data
How do I collect data from Twitter?

Cornelius Puschmann, Oxford Internet Institute

Sampling social media data/ Exploring and refining data

Collecting & analysing social network data from social media

Andy Hudson-Smith, UCL
Social media polling of hard to reach groups/ Using social media data alongside survey data
Luke Sloan, COSMOS, Cardiff University
Workshop Stream 2:  Analysing & Visualizing
Social Media Data
What is sentiment analysis and how do I do it?

Mike Thelwall, University of Wolverhampton
Doing Social Network Analysis

Bernie Hogan, Oxford Internet Institute

Why is thinking about data visualisation important?

Lulu Pinney
CHORUS: A methodological toolkit for qual and quant social media research
  Phil Brooker, Brunel       University
Workshop Stream 3: Doing Qualitative Social Media Research
Analysing Blogs

Helene Snee, University of Manchester

Doing Virtual Ethnography vs Doing Netnography

Gachoucha Kretz, ISC Paris

Analysing the visual in social media

Farida Vis, University of Sheffield
Tackling the ethics of qualitative social media research

Carol McNaughton-Nicholls, NatCen Social Research
Tea and coffee

4 - 4.30pm
Plenary session: Closing thoughts - next steps for the network

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